Our Story

Emerge is a charitable trust and we have been providing supported employment and transition services for more than seventeen years.

Many of our clients have achieved the career of their choice with our help.  Better still, many are now independent, and no longer require our services.

The trust was set up in 1999-2000 by a group of parents who had concerns as to how their children would get on in the community once they left school. 

They wanted their children to have the same opportunities as their classmates; be able to choose their own futures, become confident and independent and be an active part of the community. Unfortunately, there were few services for young people with disability who were about to leave school and little help for adults who wished to work.

Undeterred, the parents got together and formed Emerge. We offered planning and support to anyone with disability who wished to work, or who was about to leave school.

With the roll out of the Government’s Pathways to Inclusion  in 2001, Emerge tendered for and gained a  Supported Employment contract with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD). 

Initially, Emerge Transition Services were fully funded through private and philanthropic donations and offered to any young person with disability who was about to leave school.

The MSD came on board with funding for Emerge to be part of the national pilot Transition Service for ORS students in their last year of school.  This pilot was deemed successful and MSD offered Transition Service contracts to providers nationwide in 2008.

In line with our core beliefs of equal opportunity and  inclusion, Emerge has offered transition services to as many young people with disability as possible through continuing to run both the MSD funded and philanthropically funded Transition Services. 

We gratefully acknowledge the help and support of our long term funders who have provided us with the opportunity to be responsive to the needs of our community.