What Employers Say

A breath of fresh air, always cheerful, upbeat, and with a nice thing to say about his day.  He gets on brilliantly with the staff”

We needed a labour force that was motivated and willing to be employed in a small business – someone willing to learn. We got in touch with Emerge and just gave it a go – and it’s worked well for us. We are particularly keen on giving young people a chance

“With practice, supervision and support R has grown into a vital part of the team, he’s Mr Reliable; he’s barely ever off sick”

“If employers put time and effort in, they will get good results and it will benefit everyone.”

“We’d love to see others take up the challenge, and enjoy the benefits”

“We’ve been doing this for 12 years and would like to be doing it in another 12! – For us, it’s about sustainability – and I think we owe our success for being true to our values – it’s got to be about the people”.

“Everybody goes through ups and downs and it’s been great to have the support of Emerge staff through those times”.

It makes good business sense!!!

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