Buy us a cuppa coffee!!!!!!!

Here in Wellington, we love a good cuppa coffee which is why we're using it as the theme for our fundraising!

To be able to keep doing the work that we do, we want to ask you - could you shout us a coffee? We're not asking you to bring a tray of lattes into the office for the staff, but could you donate the cost of a cuppa coffee to Emerge to allow us to keep doing the work that we do? Every little helps, and will contribute us to being able to support more and more people and anything you could give would be appreciated.

You can either follow this link: or clink on the 'Donate Now' button at the top of our page (next to the 'Like' button). If you would like to be able to donate more regularly, just ask us about Payroll Giving :-)

Please Share this far and wide - the more people it reaches, the better!